6 Ways to Relieve Back Pain Without Drugs

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Almost everyone has or will at one point experience back pains. These back pains may be as a result of the nature of the person’s daily activities or biological factors like age. Therefore, for one to relieve the aches, they need to see a specialist to handle their conditions. They can also choose to employ home or non-drug use remedies to reduce or clear these back pains. Here are some of the most effective ways of relieving back pains without using drugs;

 Alternately apply hot and cold compresses

When a patient experiences acute or sub-acute or chronic back pain, they can first apply hot compresses on the affected area for close to 15 minutes, before following them up with cold compresses for an equal amount of time. These hot and cold compress sessions should be done two hours apart, for five days. For the service provider to avoid exposing their patient to extreme coldness during the cold compressions, it’s essential for them to wrap the ice pack or gel-based ice pad in a towel before placing it on the patient’s body.

Take regular Epsom salts baths

This back pain relieving technique is applicable mostly to patients experiencing the pains as a result of undertaking strenuous manual work or standing for a considerably long time. Epson salts are rich in inflamed muscle relaxing minerals. It involves the use of warm and not hot water. The method requires that the patient takes a warm massage, using water filled with Epsom salts. This step seeks to loosen the patient’s muscles, after which the patient’s attendant can use a tennis/baseball ball on the patient’s lower back, thus rolling it from one side near the heap to the other. After running the ball severally, the attendant then turns to the upper-back for the same procedure. The procedure helps in working out any tight area on the patient’s back, thus relieving pain from their back.

Visit a chiropractor

Chiropractors refer to a class of professionals involved in the treatment of back pain by focusing on the patient’s spine and the areas surrounding it. By design, this method is non-surgical, and instead, the chiropractor uses their hand to treat lower back pains and also solve herniated disk issues.

Consult a physical therapist

Just like a physician can prescribe medication to patients, physical therapists too can prescribe therapy or exercise to their patients suffering from back pain. As a result, the therapist can help their patients understand how to avoid or relieve back pains by adequately stretching their back muscles. Also, patients who visit Egoscue practitioners get advice on how to observe the right posture for easing or avoiding the back pains.

Choose the right mattress for sleep

The mattress one sleeps on can cause, ease or worsen their back pains. For instance, when one uses a mattress that lacks support, they assume a poor sleeping posture, strains their muscles, fails to maintain their spine’s alignment, thus predisposing themselves to low back pains. Therefore, when one sleeps on a mattress that does not conform to their personal preference and back support, they are likely to experience lack of sleep comfort. Therefore, for the mattresses that offer sufficient back support, they contribute, to a greater extent, in relieving back pain. They also allow the structures around the spine to rest and rejuvenate as the person enjoys their sleep. In summary, for anyone seeking to ease their back pain (especially lower back pain) or prevent themselves from suffering from future back pains, they should consider investing in a quality mattress that offers sufficient support to their back. They also need to understand the composition of this mattress, is it made up of coils, what’s the number of coils making up the mattress, and how are they arranged. Lastly, they should also go for a mattress that fits their personal preferences.

Use inversion chair or table

People suffering from back pain can relax their back muscles by using an inversion table or chair. This chair/table helps in the stretching and decompressing the spine, thus offering a reprieve to backaches. Even though the chair provides no permanent solution to the aches, the method can be helpful in the short-term. However, before anyone decides to use this technique, it is essential to consult with their physician for a medical opinion. Besides, hypertensive patients should avoid using this method to relieve back pain; the chair is known to increase someone’s blood pressure when using it. Lastly, patients using the inversion table/chair for back pain relief should seek to minimize causing injuries to their bodies by starting the chair slowly, while taking small angles of inversion; the reason for this caution is that trying moving the chair too fast can potentially lead to injury to oneself.

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