Hampton and rhodes mattress review

Hampton and rhodes mattress
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Hampton and Rhodes is a company that is based in the US and deals mostly in bedding products. Some of the bedding products it offers include Gel memory foam, memory foam, hybrid mattresses and innerspring foam. Though this bedding brand may not be that popular as compared to other brands, but it offers their customers a wide range of mattress options from where they can choose from and thus ensures that various sleeping demands of various customers are catered for. These mattresses are usually available in various firmness levels, thickness, materials, and multi-layer constructions.

The Aruba mattress 14 Inch is a typical hybrid innerspring/memory foam mattress as compared to other types of mattress produced by the same company. It is a 14” inch mattress with very high performance power and this is because there are lots of spaces that the mattress will give in and this makes it the best choice for heavy people. It comes with very powerful superior pressure relief that will greatly reduce the cases of turning and tossing hence enabling one to have a very peaceful sleep.

One of the things that make this mattress stand out from the rest is its design. The design is very captivating. One of its best features is its quilted knit cover. The quilted knit cover is beautifully detailed with contrasting pillowtops and handles, and these are aided by coordinating knit sides to provide for enough breathability. Though this product may not be made of silk-cashmere, but that didn’t stop its manufacturers from designing it well. It is made of beautiful patterns, a pillowtop and handles. Its pocketed coils is for eliminating the motion transfer, however, it doesn’t provide any kind of extra edge support. The wrapped coil innerspring can move independently and thus reduce those sensations that arise due to body movements on the bed, and this will then give a contouring comfort and support for a peaceful sleep. Though, we can say that’s a simple issue, but nevertheless, it is still just an issue.

There are also two layers of comfort foam which are good in eliminating the uncomfortable pressure points. These layers of comfort foam are also able to adjust themselves depending on your weight and body temperature. The bottom part of the pillowtop comprises of a layer of comfort foam which has been separated by a fibre layer and another additional layer of some comfort foam which is used for cushioning.

The stretch knit is usually optimized to enable it work together with the memory foam. These stretch knit fibres have been designed in a manner that they can work well with memory foam layers so as to maximize its contouring form. The pillowtop also has a layer of Gel foam which serves the purpose of dispersing the body heat and creating cooler sleeping surface. One thing you may need to be aware of is that the memory foam normally adapts to the outline of your body, it reacts to your body pressure and temperature. Though there is a cover that comes with this mattress, but that doesn’t hinder the process from going on, thus, the memory foam will be able to conform perfectly well to your body’s outline just as it would have done if there wasn’t any cover at all.

The memory foam of this mattress is Gel-infused; therefore you will sleep peacefully without the need of worrying about overheating at night.

Some of the features of the Hampton and Rhodes Mattress

This mattress has multiple thickness layer levels and layers of material constructions. Most models of this mattress feature multiple layer hybrid construction and this provides a customized luxury and comfort to the users. This mattress model features a barrier that is 100% natural and is also free from chemicals.

Some of the health benefits of this mattress

The upper layer of this unique hybrid type of the innerspring and memory foam are very effective when it comes to providing relief to people who normally suffer from backaches and other kinds of body pains. These mattresses are also a nice option for people who suffer from sweat related issues as they always ensure that they maintain the surface cool.

What some of the customers had to say about these innerspring and gel-infused mattresses…….

At the moment, I can’t say that the mattress has received a lot of reviews since it is not that popular on the market. However, most of the reviews I sampled from various customers are very positive with many of the customers confessing that they are very satisfied with the price of the product since it is reasonably priced. Therefore, most customers said that they were able to get the value out of their money when they bought this product. Most of the customer’s acknowledged that they were very enthusiastic with the HYBRID technology which creates a customized and comfortable sleep for everyone(Which I got from another hybrid mattress, tuck mattress. And here is a review from GBM ). The upper layer of the memory foam contours well with the body and this is very effective for a person when it comes to pain elimination and prevention.

In addition to that, many of the overweight customers reviewed were happy with the performance of the mattress since it catered for their needs well. The bottom innerspring layer is good at providing enough support for such a very long time. This mattress also features a one sleep design, and this is something that makes it easier to maintain itself in one position since there would be no any kind of flipping. The motion absorption abilities of these innerspring and gel-infused mattresses were highly rated while the other models were only taken to be couple friendly. Most users also reportedly said that they slept peacefully since there wasn’t any kind of noises while other customers said that they found the mattress cooler to sleep on because there were no incidences of heat traps. This innerspring gel infused memory foam is good at keeping the surfaces cooler hence very few people among those reviewed complained about heat retention. However, such cases of heat retention are very common for other type of memory foam brands.

Few of the customers reviewed voiced there concerns about the cases of sagging and permanent body impressions. Other customers said they experienced some kind of odour when the package was unpacked especially for the foam models. However, most of them agreed that the odour disappeared completely in a matter of days. For those who went for cheaper models, they reported having issues with longevity and durability periods.

This bedding brand offers a great variety in terms of its bedding products. However, the prices of most of its products are very competitive and also affordable when we compare to other brands selling similar models.

The Lifespan and the Warranty

When it comes to the warranty, the company normally offers the low priced mattress models a 10 year warranty. The lifespan also varies according to the model and price of the mattress. Those models which are highly priced tend to last longer.


  • This innerspring and Gel mattress has handles on the cover and which makes it easier when handling it.
  • It also has a 14” inch profile thus very ideal for all the sizes of people regardless of weight or height.
  • The Gel memory foam is also breathable
  • It also features a stretch knit cover that has been maximized for memory foam
  • The person will also get a very cool sleep when using this product


  • The product doesn’t come with extra edge support
  • Some consumers also complained about the product having some kind of odor in its first days of usage.

My final thoughts…..

The 14” Innerspring Gel Memory Foam mattresses cannot be taken to be all that unique as compared to other types of mattress brands since they don’t really display any superior features. However, we can say that the 14’’ innerspring Gel Memory Foam mattress is just another good model of mattresses on the market. These mattresses are just excellent. Hampton and Rhodes company makes good mattresses with or without using any kind of memory foam, latex, or springs. Hence there is nothing new on their products that will get you surprised.

And for that case, when you want to buy a mattress from Hampton and Rhodes bedding brand, you really need to put into consideration what will excite you most rather than putting emphasis on the most usual applicable pointers since that won’t be necessary.

In conclusion, I would like to say that this is a very high quality mattress that is worth your money. It has been certified by all the relevant state and federal laws and found to be safe for households’ usage. The mattress doesn’t keep any kind of heat. It has a memory foam support and multiple layers that help keep heat away from your body and this will enable you get that cooling sleep. Thus, you’re likely not to experience any form of sogginess which comes as a result of sweat and heat. There are many online shopping stores selling this product, therefore, you can easily place your order on any online store such as amazon or eBay.

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